120 Pieces Toy Power Workbench, Kids Power Tool Bench




Color:100 Pieces Classic Toy Workbench

Young choice 2018 newest 120pcs classic workbench
package includes
1*hand saw
1*combination wrench
1*box-end wrench
1*adjustable wrench
1*insulated plier
1*t-type wrench
1*dust mask
1*measuring tape
1*transmission shaft
1*putty knife
1*c-type clamp
1*bastard file
1*nailing hammer
1*tool case
1*hanging storage bin
1*electric drill
2*screwdriver handle
2*squared and rounded accessories
2*bench clamp
2*tool case buckles
3*drill bits
3*wooden blocks
4*tron nail
4*tool case stands
4*connecting bar
5*three holes accessories
8*red hook
23*screw nuts
electric drill: do not use The drill on an object that is fixed or immovable. Stop drilling after the screw cannot be turned anymore. Since that the material of the clutch in the Electric drill is plastic, the clutch will get damaged continuously and breaks eventually when user misuse the drill.


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